Updated: Backgrounder for iPhone Adds Badge and Task List Mode

The Backgrounder utility for iPhone is now updated with more features. Running twice application simultaneously is too common these days and this utility becomes more important. And what about battery consuming?. ..of course, running application at the background will drain your battery life. However, this utility is a free application from Cydia, allow and powers iPhone to run application in background. Read more here for Backgrounder installation.

The latest version r277 adds a number of great features:

- Added badge for SpringBoard icons to indicate running apps
- Added optional animations for app restore and switching
- Allow normal operation of home double-tap over SpringBoard in simple mode
- Allow normal operation of home double-tap while locked
- Allow selection of Categories folders in blacklisted prefs

Badge For Background Apps

Before the release of this update, you can’t identify those applications that are running in background. Now the background running apps are tagged with backgrounder icon.

More Options To Control

But if you don’t like the badge, you can always to disable it in Backgrounder option. The latest version of the app also offers you more flexibility to control the Backgrounder app. And, you can even to change the invocation method of Backgrounder in the option menu.

List Mode To Switch Between Background Application

The latest version also offers a new backgrounder mode called “Task List Mode”, which is still in beta. In this mode, Backgrounder shows you all the background apps in a list. And, you can easily switch from one app to another.

The list mode is not the default mode. To enable this mode, you’ll need to configure it in Backgrounder. Once configured, simply press and hold the Home button and Backgrounder will then show you the active application list.

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