How To Create 30 Seconds Ringtone Using iRinger (Windows)

Earlier, I have written up a post about create custom ringtone over 30 seconds and transfer ringtone using Disk Aid. It’s really great if you would like to get rid of the USB cable connection and transfer your ringtone wirelessly. iRinger for Windows, that I’m going to talk about, is designed for everyone (including non-jailbreak iPhone). This is by far, from my experience, the easiest way to create ringtone from your music collection and transfer ringtone to iPhone. What iRinger does is to help you cut a song into 30s ringtone and export the ringtone file with .m4r extension that can be recognized by iTunes. So then you can sync the ringtones to your iPhone via iTunes.

Step 1: Download iRinger 2.2 from (.exe / .zip) file. Please be aware iRinger only works for Windows. Its supports iPhone firmware 1.1.2 or up and iTunes 7.5 or up. And, it also works with iPhone 3G.

Step 2: You can just double-click on “iRinger.exe” to launch iRinger.

Step 3: Next, click “Import” to pick your song for creating ringtone. Once selected, your song is loaded into iRinger. You can configure the length of ringtone (max. 30 seconds), volume and fade in/out effect. And, when the song is loaded, it always starts at 0s and presume you’ll extract the first 30s as ringtone. Say, you prefer to extract the track from 30s to 60s. You can place the cursor at “Starting at” and drag the cursor to the left until it starts playing at 30s.

Step 4: You can play the ringtone by “Preview” button. Once you think it’s good enough, click “Export” button.

Step 5: Type in your ringtone title. Make sure you select “Export to iTunes” option and click “Go!”. iRinger will create the ringtone and export it to iTunes automatically.

Step 6: Next, launch iTunes and you’ll find that the ringtone is already there. Now, you can just sync it with your iPhone.

Step 7: Before you sync the ringtone, ensure you have enabled “Sync ringtones” option in iTunes

Step 8: After syncing is complete, you can check your new ringtone in setting > sounds and your new ringtone has placed in the custom section.

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