iPad Application Development!

Before making any strategy to develop iPad application development, you need to understand the usability and advanced features of this new technological revolution, iPad. Being a larger form of iPhone, iPad is also larger in terms of operating systems and hardware. With the availability of the increased display size, it can be easily transformed into a new class of device in any standard format. The device gives a productivity platform rather than a way to use a greater form of medium system.

Talking about the usability and size, iPad lies in the middle of the Mac and the iPhone. It should be treated as an acknowledgment of the greater display size but an indication of the firm market position of its own. You will hardly get such powerful software application in any such computer platform of such category. Another important thing that should be mentioned here is iPad is not just a better technological experience but it is a target for applications from the normal desktops. By using this, you will get so many growing opportunities that will push your future easily for a generation next experience.

New Opportunities on iPad!

The iPad is the home of new things to experiment. You can get a specific class of device that is not remarkable for viewers or creators but equally important for creators and editors as well. You can work on developing different kinds of productivity platforms in a more sophisticated and smooth workflows.

Developers across the world get massive opportunities to define a new way for them to experience with new iPad!

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Mobile App Development - Significance of Outsourcing

As the sale of iPhone, BlackBerry and the Android based phones increases, the demand of mobile application development is going on increasing. This is because no business would like to lose any opportunity to be contacted by its prospective customers/clients.

In this kind of scenario, the business has got two options; either go for starting the in-house operations or outsource the work to any professional mobile application developer.

Both these options have their own pros and cons.

In-house Operations:

In case of in-house operations, the business can exercise maximum control over the progress made on the mobile application project taken at hand. When the company opts for in-house operations it has to setup the whole infrastructure and regularly monitor the development. When the mobile application development work is taken at hand, you need to employ people who deliver the application on time, whereas, when you outsource it there is hardly anything to be worried about. It is usually difficult to find skilled workers for running in house operations. Most of the businesses do not opt for the in-house operations for mobile application development because of these tedious tasks involved in starting them (in-house operations)

Outsourcing the work:

Usually outsourcing the mobile application work is more popular than the in-house operations. Some of the factors responsible for this are as follows.

• Mobile web application development is neither too easy nor too difficult. Actually it depends on the technical and communication expertise of the application developer. When the work is outsourced to any company, first it needs to be made sure whether the employees of that company are expert at technicalities.

• When the work is outsourced to any company it becomes the responsibility of that company to fulfill the commitment made. If the application outsourcing company wants to retain its clients then it has to deliver results on time and also meet the quality standards.

• When the work is outsourced, the work giver does not have to worry about the copyright act. The copyright is very much similar to the property right. This means that the copyright is totally transferable. When the third party completes the outsourced work and delivers the mobile application along with the rights to change it, the buyer of the application becomes the sole owner of the application and not the person who initially developed it.

• After outsourcing the work the company needs to be concerned only about the result, not the modus operandi of completing the work.

• It is now an undisputed fact that outsourcing the iPhone application development work saves a lot of time, money and resources. Moreover if you are intelligent you can also get a commitment from the service provider about the return on investment.

• The business should remember that outsourcing is not the ultimate panacea to all the tasks or issues. Usually one needs to be careful in the initial stages of placing the order with any Mobile Application Development service provider.

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News on Android Application Development

Many don't really understand the basics of Android Application Development. All they know is that they love their new Android phone. For many people, Androids are still robots like from Star Trek that have incredible learning abilities and look human but are really only a machine. So let's start off with a true definition of the word:

Android is a software stack for mobile devices. It includes an operating system, middleware and key applications. It was purchased by Google in 2005. The Android mobile operating system is based on the Linux kernel. Google and other members of the Open Handset Alliance worked on Android development and release. The Android Open Source Project (AOSP) is tasked with the maintenance and future development of Android.

With a new and better understanding of the Android platform, we are ready to dive into Android Application Development. Let's begin with the basics. The Android platform offers an impressive feature set:


  • Application framework enables reuse and replacement of components
  • Integrated browser based on open source WebKit engine
  • Optimized graphics powered by custom 2D graphics library, 3D graphics based on the OpenGL ES 1.0 specification (hardware acceleration optional)
  • Media support for common audio, video and still image formats (AMR, JPG, PNG, GIF, MPEG4, H.264, MP3, AAC)
  • GSM Telephony (hardware dependent)
  • SQLite for structured data storage
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, EDGE, 3G (hardware dependent)
  • GPS, compass, camera and accelerometer (hardware dependent)
  • Dalvik virtual machine optimized for mobile devices
  • Rich development environment includes a device emulator, memory and performance profiling, tools for debugging, and a plugin for the Eclipse IDE.

This is an impressive list and the idea of Android application development can be intimidating for some. A quick look at Android documentation may give you headache. There you'll find articles like "Backwards Compatibility", "Avoiding Memory Leaks", and "Introducing GLSurfaceView". Even though these topics are essential to successful mobile app development there may be a much simpler way to go.

A number of app development tools exist to aid the newcomer, or n00b for those who are tech savvy. Superb mobile development frameworks that guide and direct the development of an app are now available. The best known of those is the Corona SDK.

Corona is the most advanced mobile development platform today because it offers an unequalled tool set that opens the door for amazing technological advancements. Perhaps the most important is the ability for cross-platform development.

Corona offers the only complete solution for developing across platforms, OS versions, and screen sizes. With Corona SDK, you can simply write once and build to iOS or Android at the touch of a button. Plus Corona automatically scales your content from phones to tablets, saving extra work.

Android application development is here to stay. And it's made even easier with the exceptional tools mentioned above, namely Corona SDK. Look for cheaper, more intuitive Android applications and devices in the future.

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Advantages of Android Application Development Service Provider

Android App Development is now becoming one of the most popular tools for development. Besides the tough functionalities, it provides an array of benefits for the mobile application developers. It can be handled easily and easy to implement because it is open source based. The (SDK) facilitated by the Android assists the developers to start developing and working on the applications instantaneously and the app can be implemented faster.

The Google has developed Android, a mobile platform. The software for the mobile devices is stacked in the Android. The android mobile platform constitutes of operating system (OS), the middleware, main applications, and a (SDK). The SDK facilitates the developers with the APIs and tools needed for Development. The distribution platform is of an open nature. This permits the developers to develop the applications and freely distribute them. One can even sell them through the internet. The initial investment is very less because the android is open source. There are a number of benefits.

Some of the major benefits of this are as follows.

• Android is based on Linux. This facilitates easy accessibility to rich development environment and core functionality of the mobile device.
• It allows quick information gathering. It also provides the accurate information sought.
• The cycle is drastically reduced.
• The development tools are easy to use.
• All the information and services are provided to the developers without any biasness.
• It provides rich browser facilities as well. This facilitates the developer to provide enhanced services.

The Google Android App. can be worked out either with or without the help of a professional Android app. development service provider. The former option is feasible if the user is well versed with the technology for Mobile App Development. On the other hand if the application developer is not adept at using the SDK tools provided by Android, the same option can backfire and lead to loss of time, money and resources. Most of the people prefer the later option and avail the services of a professional And. App. Developer.

The use of the smart phones to access the internet is increasing day by day. There are many smart phones having Android platform. If the business wants its website to be compatible with these smart phones then the website needs to be designed or modified. This is where Android mobile app. development plays a crucial role.

The users of Android phones want the phone to be used not only for telecommunication but also as an office computer. The user may need some extra features to be added on to the android phone. This is another situation where the Android Mobile Application becomes necessary.

It is always recommended to avail the services of a professional Android app. Developer and reap the advantages of Android App. Development.

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Availing the Best iPhone Application Development Services

The popularity of iPhone is sky rocketing, so much so that the iPhone users have to be now considered a different market segment. Attending to this market segment is only possible through applications that are compatible with the operating system and platform of the iPhone. This makes it necessary to avail the services of a professional iPhone app developer. With the increase in numbers of iPhone users, the demand of iPhone applications is also increasing. Seeing to the demand of the iPhone applications many software service providers have started offering iPhone application development services. For selecting the most appropriate iPhone app developer the business needs to consider the following points.


The service provider should have enough experience to convert the idea into application. He/she should know how to make it as much appealing as possible. An experienced service provider will save time, money resources and at the same time try to assure handsome return on investment the personnel at the application development company should be technically very sound.


A professional developer will see not only his/her profit but also try to design the application in such a way that the business and the final buyer are profited. The service provider should remain in continuous communication with the business so that the idea is converted into a perfect application. Every stage of the application development should be monitored and approved before going to the next stage. If the service provider is a big company it should provide a dedicated team for the application development and there should be a person entrusted with the responsibility of successful completion of the Hire iPhone application development.


Before selecting the iPhone app developer, one should closely study the prices prevailing in the market. If the service provider is charging too low then it does not mean that his/her services are of inferior kind. In fact, it is possible that he/she may be able to offer the best of services but is new entrant in the market and wants to create a clientele base. Quoting of low price is also possible when the service provider does not have to bear the cost of infrastructure at a prime location in the market. One should also understand that quoting of higher price y the service provider does not assure the success of application. One needs to clarify what is included in the package.

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iPad Application Development Can Fulfill Just About Any of Your Needs

Whether you are a college student or a business man, iPad is the multipurpose gadget that serves the purpose of all ages' people with ease. Besides outstanding features, iPad is very ergonomic to use and its sleek handy design makes it easy to carry anywhere with ease. Its entertaining features make people spend leisure time with fun and joy. Its end number of applications all of various categories are used for both commercial and social purpose. iPad's features and functionalities almost resembles iPhone such as email, web faxing, wireless data applications, electronic mail, game apps and much more.

Nowadays, the demand of custom iPad application is accrued drastically, however, at the same time it has also held the competition among many iPad application development companies. iPad has also brought some vibrant application for gamers as well as for business people. If you have an iPad you can get you work done with ease with the help of iPad application development company. An iPad application development company can also build you an application that will help your kid enjoy yet study. The inbuilt alphabet application can be customized and make child connect between the letters, sounds, words, pronunciations and meanings.

There are various options that iPad Application development provides. You can get applications for:

>> Games
>> Messaging
>> Sports
>> Travel
>> Business
>> Finance
>> Navigation and Maps
>> Books & Directories
>> Entertainment
>> Movies & Music
>> Tools & Utilities
>> Social Networking
>> Education

The development of custom iPad application is very much kin to iPhone, in fact iPhone and iPod touch applications can be run on iPad with the little bit of amendments which can be done with the help of an iPad application development company. What happens to be is, the size of the iPhone\iPod touch application is stretched to 9.7inch screen and a bit of graphic amendments is made so it can fit into iPad screen and meet its graphical requirements. This is for sure the future of Internet user experience and the tablet PCs. There is no doubt about the fact that iPad has changed the way people have been using the computer, the laptop and even the mobile devices. It has created a whole new genre of devices where it stands alone as a winner.

Perception system is a pioneer off shore iPad application development company based in India. We are also expertise in mobile application development such as iPhone, Blackberry, Android Windows and Symbian.

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iPhone Application Development - Crucial Role of the iPhone App Developer

As the market of the iPhone grows dramatically, the demand of the iPhone applications is also going on increasing. This development cannot be thought of, without hiring the services of any professional iPhone app developer. This does not mean that developing the iPhone app is very complex in nature.
Nowadays business is all about reducing the risks and assuring the return on investment. This is only possible when the iPhone App Developer is brought into the picture. Some of the areas where the contribution of the application programmer becomes crucial are as follows.
If the developer has enough experience, he/she is going to take less time at converting the idea into the programming. He/she knows the current trend of the iPhone application and the designs that are in trend. An experienced application programmer can deliver the completed application in the least time and at the same time assure return on investment. He/she can develop applications that are not only appealing but able to procure business.
Use of SDK:
The knowledge of iPhone SDK is very much necessary for developing iPhone apps programmer. The application developer knows that there are many applications on the Apple store. He/she can make the best use of the SDK to design novel applications by blending the application that is already on the Apple Store. This capability depends on the extent to which the programmer knows the SDK. A thorough knowledge of SDK can make the programmer not only popular but also assure save time for developing the application.
It is the professional approach of the iPhone application developer that makes him/her popular. Usually the application developers clarify any matter of ambiguity or confusion and seek approval after completion of every stage of application development. Their communication lines are usually open. They are usually transparent about the terms and conditions of payment too. The application developers know that if the application is successful at generating business, then and then only their referral market will grow.
Other services:
The iPhone application development services are now being offered by many iPhone app developers. It is because of the competition that may services providers have started offering other services too. There are many services providers that on completion of the application development and after receiving the charges severed all ties with the application owner. This can harm the business of the programmer. So, most of the programmer seek feedback about the performance of the iPhone application from the buyers and users of the iPhone application. If the application developers cares for the application buyer then and then are there any chances of the application buyer referring the application to others.
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Android 4.0: what you need to know

We've had Android 2.3 Gingerbread. We've had Android 3.0 Honeycomb. Next up: Ice Cream Sandwich, the next version of Google's Android operating system.

Although it's possible that Ice Cream Sandwich will be given a lower version number, such as Android 2.4, we think the scale of the upgrade makes it more than a mere point release - so our money's on Android 4.0.

No matter what number Google gives it, the next version of Android brings new features, new hardware and new ways to play with your Android kit.

Here's what you need to know.

Android 4.0 release date

Google says the Android 4.0 release date will be around Thanksgiving in the US, which means it should ship just in time for the all-important Christmas shopping binge this year.

Android 4.0 phones

Specs for what could be the Google Nexus 3 have surfaced courtesy of BGR, revealing a handset with a dual-core 1.2GHz or 1.5GHz OMAP 4460 or Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, a 720p HD display, along with 1080p HD video capture through the 5MP rear-mounted camera.

Huawei is also claiming that its forthcoming handset the Glory, while shipping with Android 2.2, will be upgradeable to Ice Cream Sandwich when the OS becomes available, according to PCMag.com. It's not yet known whether the Glory is headed to the UK, and if it does it's likely to be carrier-branded rather than come sporting the Huawei badge.

The Android 4.0 OS will be a unified OS

Say goodbye to Gingerbread for phones and Honeycomb for tablets. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich will be a single OS for both kinds of devices, with the user interface adapting to suit whichever form factor you throw at it.
A unified codebase means developers will only need to code their apps once for them to work on Android 4.0 phones and Android 4.0 tablets, and Google will offer a whole bunch of new APIs that developers can use to code apps for every kind of Android 4.0 device.

The Android 4.0 interface will look a lot like Honeycomb

Not a huge surprise, this one: the rather whizzy new interface from Honeycomb will be making its way to Android 4.0 - although as with previous incarnations, device manufacturers and/or network operators can create their own customised UIs too. The Android 4.0 UI will enable you to adjust the size of home screen widgets to better suit your particular preferences.

Android 4.0 specs include USB hosting

The Android Open Accessory programme brings third-party devices into the Android fold, potentially enabling you to connect anything from an Xbox controller or USB mouse for Android games to a heart monitor for fitness apps. Accessories will initially connect via USB, with Bluetooth coming along shortly afterwards.

Android 4.0 features include goodies for phone users

Android 4.0 phone users will get an expanded multitasking tool and a system manager that ensures you don't run out of memory.

Android 4.0 software will track your face

Your Android 4.0 phone or tablet's camera will be doing some potentially nifty facial recognition, tracking the movement of your head and adjusting the on-screen image accordingly to create a pseudo-3D effect.

Google has also demoed videoconferencing that uses the feature to focus the camera on the person you want to look at, which is fine unless you're staring at someone good-looking while talking to somebody who's been hit with the ugly stick.

The Android 4.0 system requirements could be hefty

Leaked details suggest that the Google Nexus 3, Google's reference handset, will have a 1.2 or 1.5GHz processor (although some of the more excited rumours predict a quad-core Kal-El processor), 1GB of RAM, a "monster-sized" display, 1080p video capture and an ultra-thin body. US customers get 4G mobile internet too.

Android 4.0 hardware will be relatively future-proof

Google has persuaded its manufacturing partners to agree that when they make new kit, it'll support the latest Android updates for at least eighteen months, and firms such as Samsung promise that they'll be dishing out upgrades much more quickly than before. The aim is to prevent embarrassing "where's my upgrade?" howls from existing and future Android customers.

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Android application development - A highly technical job

Adodis has an expert Android apps development team, which uses the best Android SDK platform. In the modern time Android apps development is making its place as a competitor surrounded by the mobile application technology. The Android platform is a versatile open source application development platform providing you with a catalyst for business to produce helpful & innovative mobile apps. Android is really a Linux based open source operating system with Java library and commanding application development capabilities. It was made by Google combined with the Open Handset Alliance and it has a wide spectrum for social media along with other lifestyle applications.

There are numerous Android applications available today in the market and every one of them are better than others. Our Android applications contain networking tools, replacements for some of the default Android applications, a photo editor, organizer, music application and many more.

Android application development is gradually becoming a need for mobile users. Today the smart phones have already changed the way people used to look at the mobile phone devices. Nowadays the smart phones are enabled having a wide array of features. The Android applications has bring a fantastic evolution on the market of smart phones. These applications have the potential of affecting each and every stage of the life. By using the app not only can you learn the closest restaurant but also find the nearest medical facility.

The Android app development is dependant on Android open source platform and is powered by Google. It is because of the that the fee of developing an Android app is significantly reduced. This implies that the return on investment is higher in case of Android applications. It is because of this the need for Android applications is rising steeply. Seeing to this demand many it companies have started offering Android apps development services.

Android application development is really a highly technical job. Today, Android Application Development is making it’s place like a competitor in the mobile application technology. Adodis offers Android Application development for Android Platform. Android provides Java Language support for developers so that mobile application developers can build 3rd party applications on Java which can run on Android Platform. Adodis approaches Android Application Development in a proactive, high-caliber manner. With the complex Android SDK platform, our highly qualified Android Application Developers explore the boundless probabilities of Android owing to its comprehensive group of Android Phone Applications Development tools.

In the modern time the mobile users want that their mobile device should have the most recent features and applications inside them. There are a number of Android application developers to meet the demand of android application users. The android platform is extremely commanding and open source. This will make the android platform the best alternative. This application development can result in perfect exchange in the appearance and processes of your mobile device.

Android helps the developers to make new and commanding mobile application quickly for his or her users all ovet the world. Android is an operating system as well as a software platform for that mobile and it is depending on Linux Kernel and uses Java language for brainwashing. The Google along with Open Handset Alliance allow us this open source. This is the main reason for the developers being able to get a new operating system level applications at affordable charges. With regards to developing mobile apps, Android extends support to Java too. This facilitates using Android Framework and Java in order to obtain 3rd party applications.

Find out more information on Android apps development. Don’t forget to check out Android application development.

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Why Many A-Listers Still Choose BlackBerry

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Amid the BlackBerry's shrinking market share in the U.S., it appears that one admittedly small constituency is holding firm, and it's not the big banks, the CIA or some other arm of the federal government. 

It's the beautiful, famous people -- Hollywood's A-listers.

Granted, BlackBerry's market share with those people isn't going up. Having been close to 100%, how could it? But the decline appears to be less than in the U.S. population at large.

This may seem counter-intuitive, but there is actually a very specific explanation for it. It's all about privacy and security.

Two weeks ago, Apple(AAPL) announced iMessage, which appears to be positioned to compete against BlackBerry's Messenger product. The main purpose here is to wean people off the notoriously expensive SMS ("text message") plans, in which users pay an exorbitant amount per bit sent and received, compared to email and Web surfing.

There is no doubt that Apple's iMessage product will eat into BlackBerry's market share, because incrementally it narrows the gap in terms of their respective messaging capabilities. However, Apple's iMessage product is unlikely -- by itself -- to cause the A-listers to switch.

Apple's iMessage product is based on email and phone numbers. Basically, if you have someone's email or phone number, you can now cut cost and enhance the messaging features.

Here's the problem: A-listers don't want to give out their email or phone numbers. That's why they use BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), because BBM can be set up using only the BlackBerry-specific PIN number. Anyone who wants to enter your BBM system must first be approved, and you can kick out anyone you want, as well as block multiple requests. At no point do you need to let anyone know your phone number or email address.

In today's social networking-centric world, one significant source of disturbance comes from various classes of stalkers, paparazzi and clingers-on. A-listers need every weapon they can find to fend off the undesirable. One significant shield in terms of protecting against these kinds of threatening leeches is to avoid having to give out phone numbers and email addresses. As such, Research In Motion's (RIMM) BlackBerry is a rare refuge of privacy for the A-listers.

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Details about iPhone application development it is not known to all

Learning iPhone “application development” not rocket science. On the contrary has been shown to be relatively easy, provided your thoughts based on logic and rationality. Earlier it was believed one needs to be an expert in computer programming, and then just be adventure in iPhone application programming. This also proves wrong. If you have computer programming knowledge and experience that already can be substantial in iPhone application programming, but certainly not a necessity.

It was the sale of iPhones and this process continues for a long time. However, there is also a growing number of iPhone apps downloaded. Many iPhone apps already developed, sold, downloaded. This has facilitated only users with added features but also generate much income for iPhone “application development”.

Hardworking and dedicated professional, it rarely take a month to get information about the technical skills required for developing applications preferred. There have been cases where men in school honours and money to develop iPhone application. If the guys at school can do it why can’t they do that?

Apple, iPhone, manufacturer knows that requests can only output and services stay tall to face competition. And will be more applications available to iPhone users, the most popular iPhone led to further sales of the iPhone. Even Apple bother directly encourage and motivate iPhone application developers. To this end they learn iPhone application development process as simple as possible.

Once you get the iPhone, you can get a full training programme. There are video tutorials available for free. You can download the software development kit. The practice makes a man perfect. Meanwhile aka you cannot control the art of horseback riding without mounting the horse. This principle applies here too. One needs to learn and practice of programming applications. Not recognizable at the applications only through download tools and tutorials. You need to practice. Unless and until you don’t go to practice you don’t go to mastering the art of building iPhone apps.

A bit of searching will reveal that there are many resources that can be used to learn and master the art of developing iPhone apps. There are too many tips available on the Internet. With the iPhone in the Palm of your hand directly can come to know if you track your programming is to generate the expected results.

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FINALLY – it’s here – Flex on iOS, Android, and BlackBerry PlayBook

We’ve talked about Flex apps for Android, iOS and PlayBook for over a year… and you’re sick of hearing about it, right?  Well, now we’re going to shut up and let the actual shipping product do the talking.  Today, we released Flash Builder 4.5.1, the promised update to 4.5 that adds iOS and BlackBerry PlayBook to the recently released Android support.

The dialog to the right is now something you can see yourself minutes after downloading Flash Builder 4.5.1.

Are you skeptical?  Many developers are. But, over the past few weeks, we’ve been showing off apps built with 4.5.1 and watched developer after developer say “wow” when they see the performance of the resulting applications (see my previous blog post for more details on how developers responded and the questions they asked)
  • To see how great the performance is, check out Christophe Coenraet’s Adobe TV video – Christophe demonstrates the same app running on an iPad, iPod touch and various Android devices.  The apps even show off video collaboration over 3G across devices across OS’s!
  • I recently interviewed Shashwati Keith, one of the Flex SDK QE engineers about an app that she wrote called Muni Tracker that is already available in the Apple app store and Android Market (and soon the BlackBerry PlayBook app store!).  See the Adobe TV video.
  • What about games?  Here’s an Adobe TV video where I demonstrate some games built by HD Interactive.  The games are Pyramix and Mr. Mixit, both of which are available for iOS and Android now (be sure to check out the reviews!).  Pyramix was even recently on the “New and Noteworthy” list of word games in the Apple app store (more details here)!  I recently interviewed the Sean Carey and Todd William of HD Interactive about how these apps were developed and how they addressed the challenges of building apps for multiple device types.  We also discuss the economics of being able to build apps for multiple OS’s, marketplaces, etc. See the video here.
  • Serge Jespers recently did an Adobe TV video demonstrating how apps can be built for all three mobile OS’s using Flash Builder 4.5.1.
  • Serge also did an Adobe TV video specific to building apps on iOS (certs, provisioning, etc.)
So yes, it’s real, it’s here, it’s available for download and many developers already have solid apps in the various app stores today.

If you’ve stumbled onto this article and are asking “What the heck is Flex?”, I suggest you start here.  To sum it up, it’s OO, event driven, component-based and something you will aclimate to quickly if you are familiar with Java and similar languages.  The IDE is eclipse-based so you already know how to use it.  You can even do on-device debugging and app deployment FROM Eclipse.

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Most Excellent Option to Capture The Market By Means of Ipad Application Development

iPad Application Development “Sviluppo applicazioni ipad” has been seen as a possible market for each corporate and freelance developers who need to make profit out of their technical know-how. With the competitors getting harder by the day, and corporations on a cost reducing mode, hiring or outsourcing iPad Application Development “Sviluppo applicazioni ipad” providers appear like a straightforward and efficient method out. However the question that always clouds this prospect is that how to discover an independent freelance developer or outsourcing associate who can provide the best help inside a fixed budget. iPad Application Development “Sviluppo applicazioni ipad” providers cowl nearly all of the verticals be it enterprise or leisure, sports, news, video games, climate, music, movies, radio, medical, schooling, location tracker, journey, social networking, augmented actuality etc. You name it and you have it. All these purposes assist various folks in numerous varieties of labor they tend to perform.

It not solely helps businesses but additionally helps individual developers to create useful applications, market them and sell them to earn money. It’s only about placing the right chord and you may make a fortune via iPad Application Development “Sviluppo applicazioni ipad”. All you must do is establish the need of the folks and analysis a bit of bit and then when you can plan and promote it properly then you may have all of the chances of getting good return from it. iPad Application Development “Sviluppo applicazioni ipad” is kind of just like that of iPhone, but the major distinction is within the execution and the features. Each iPhone utility that’s for use with iPad must have the aptitude to expand to the 9.7-inch display and match into the graphic requirements. iPad Application Development “Sviluppo applicazioni ipad” can be used to meet the necessities in varied fields akin to business, entertainment, video games, internet, electronic mail, connectivity, eBooks, publishing, movies, etc. Apple has always been the entrance-runner in fulfilling the wants of their audience and prospects by offering groundbreaking products and one such of their products is the iPad. It brings superb options and functionalities along that put it in a special league of its own. And the best thing iPad has is the assist for third social gathering functions that allow individuals to do almost all types of work on it. And for this reason iPad Application Development “Sviluppo applicazioni ipad” has change into an vital service for companies now days.

These services enable you to to create useful and practical purposes to take your small business to the next level. iPad Application Development “Sviluppo applicazioni ipad” is one more function that is certain to make an enormous distinction in how the iPad performs. iPad is able to not only using functions that are developed specially for it, however it may well additionally easily run the ones which are made for iPhone or iPod touch. iPad Application Development “Sviluppo applicazioni ipad” can herald an entire new set of options that may make your iPad richer and more useful that before. iPad Application Development “Sviluppo applicazioni ipad” companies thus help those companies lots which can be straight associated to the consumers dealing on the internet. Via such applications you may keep linked to your customers and do your corporation dealings any time of the day. IPad provides an incredible shopping experience because of all of the amazing options that it gives. IPad has extensive display, absolutely touch operations, handiness, accelerometer, excessive-finish graphic support and so much more.

This very experience of utilizing it offers it the edge over other similar devices. iPad Applications Developer has readied a expert team of iPad developer that is geared up to take up all the challenges, go to the height of its inventive competence and build functions that suit your requirements, fulfill your needs and enhances your experience. You title it and we do it for you. Developers have left no stone untouched on this emerging area and now are set to rock the world of iPad Application Development “Sviluppo applicazioni ipad”.

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A week of ups and downs for Android

Last week the tech world thrilled to news of new Apple things, but this week it's Android's turn in the spotlight - for good reasons and for bad.

There's some tasty new kit on the horizon, but existing HTC Desire owners have been diddled around. And we don't mean that in a good way.

Tasty tech first. Specs have emerged of the forthcoming Nexus 3, the Google-branded smartphone that acts as a flagship for the Android platform.

Designed to run Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest and most stupidly named version of Android yet, the Google Nexus 3 promises a "monster-sized" screen, a dual-core 1.2GHz or 1.5GHz TI OMAP 4460 or Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 1080p HD video capture via a 5MP camera and no buttons. Sources say the handset's navigation will be entirely software-based, just like a certain phone from Cupertino.

That's not all. US customers will get 4G connectivity - meaningless over here so far - and everybody benefits from an ultra-thin casing. With an anticipated US release date of November, it shouldn't be long before Google does an official reveal.

So far, so straightforward - which you can't say about HTC, who managed to confuse everyone with its plans for upgrading Android on HTC Desire handsets. First, it said that Desire owners wouldn't be able to upgrade to Gingerbread. Then, it changed its mind. There's still no word of when the update will actually happen, but we're sure it'll be sooner, or perhaps later.

HTC yesterday said it would have to strip out some unnecessary apps to make room for the release.

It's easy to mock, but HTC's dithering over the Desire doesn't do Android any favours. As our very own Gareth Beavis points out, "HTC must have seen the pain networks went through last year with the delayed Android updates - consumers getting increasingly irate on forums at perceived idiocy and apathy and in extreme cases leaving the network altogether, so I assumed it was a lesson learnt and brands would know not to mess around with mixed Android messages again."

The Desire update isn't particularly important in the great scheme of things, but all the faffing around has generated lots of unfavourable publicity. 

When will you get the Gingerbread update?

If you're waiting for an Android 2.3 update and want to know when you'll get it, we've made a page just for you: we're tracking the updates for all the major manufacturers.

If you don't already have an Android phone and fancy getting your hands on some Gingerbread goodness, you might be interested to know that Vodafone's exclusive deal to sell the HTC Sensation - a phone we really, really like - is coming to a close, and you'll be able to get it on O2 and Orange from July. If you haven't already, check out our HTC Sensation review.

Elsewhere, it was bad news for Acer: the firm has dramatically revised its tablet sales targets from "loads" to "not so many", dropping its forecast by almost 60 per cent. Instead of selling between 5 million and 7 million tablets in 2011, the firm now expects to shift around three million.

That's partly because the 7-inch Iconia Tab A100's release date has been pushed back to later this year, but it's also because Android tablets aren't yet doing the numbers many expected: for example, Motorola says it shipped - that doesn't necessarily mean sold - 250,000 Xoom tablets in the first quarter of 2011, but industry analysts suggest Apple is doing nearly two and a half million tablets per month.

Expect Android numbers to rise significantly this year as Android Honeycomb becomes widespread and the number of tablet-focused apps in the Android Market explodes.

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Custom Android Application Development –Quick and Easy Mobile Phones Applications

The mobile phones have now evolved into pocket fit PCs just because they are empowered with the Android operating system. This operating system is offered jointly by the Open Handset Alliance and Google. This platform is Linux Kernel based and is of open source nature. It facilitates development of user friendly and effective applications especially for the smart phones without any trouble. The investment is comparatively very less and assures high return on investment. It is because of this the medium and small businesses, that offer mobile phone application development services, can offer their services to prospective application owners at affordable rates.

Why opt for Android application development?

Some of the main reasons for the increase in number of the Android application developers are as follows

It is an open source platform. This facilitates the developer with a privilege to get ahead of other developers. It is getting more inputs because the developer's community is feeding it with latest technical advancement. This ensures that the platform is void of bugs and less susceptible to failure.

Performance stability is enhanced because it is based on Linux Kernel. It is because of this that the operating system is smooth and the chances of crashing are nullified.

In case of Android application development, the porting of the application becomes hassle free. It is the responsibility of the developer to be adept at using this application for custom layout and make the best of the application project.

This source being open, the investment is comparatively low. There is considerable reduction in the time duration for completing the project. Thus this saves time and money.

The increase in the demand of Android application has led to increase in number of companies that provide Android application development services. The competition among    these service providers has increased dramatically. Comparison of quotes and services offered in packages can facilitate the application owner to negotiate with the service provider. Moreover there is no need to employ a person especially dedicated to develop this application. The service provider can be paid on hourly basis or project basis, subject to the budget of the application owner. Thus this allows optimum use of resources at hand.

Technical aspects of Android application development

The process of developing useful Android applications includes java programming. The third party applications can also be incorporated into the Android application with the help of the Android and Java open source framework. To receive and send data on different platforms Android uses CDMA, GSM, Wi-Fi, EDGE, EV-DO, Bluetooth and UMTS. It permits 3D as well as 2D graphics. It incorporates H.263, AMR, MP3, JPG, GIF, WAV, MPEG4, H.264, AMR-WB, AAC, BMP, PNG, audio and video files, and MIDI image format. Features like GPS, accelerometer, Video camera, touch screens, and magnetometer are also included. One can use P2P and IPC message passing for Google Talk. One can also store date with the help of SQLite.

The easy framework of Android facilitates the professional Android application developer to design usable and innovative Android application development

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H4H Initiative Pilots iPhone App in the UK to Promote Healthy Hydration

Developed as an engaging soft learning tool, 'Thirsty Pete' represents an innovative solution to promote public awareness of the importance of healthy hydration, and encourage behavioural change through game dynamics that demonstrate the physical and mental benefits of adequate hydration. The character, 'Thirsty Pete', is an interactive water droplet and a font of knowledge on water and healthy hydration. After downloading 'Thirsty Pete' to their iPhones, users must care for him by correctly answering quiz questions to obtain virtual glasses of water. If he isn't adequately hydrated, he becomes increasingly unhappy and ultimately 'evaporates'. Users are rewarded for keeping Pete healthy and are given advice to help ensure they also stay well hydrated.

As well as quizzes and other features, there is also a 'Wee Checker' where users can monitor Pete's hydration status - the darker the colour, the more concentrated the wee and the more dehydrated he is. This element is based upon the Hydration Color Chart developed by Professor Lawrence E. Armstrong.


Despite the known benefits of adequate hydration and that it's essential for normal bodily function, many people still may not drink enough fluids[1,2]. Recent surveys suggest that many people, including children, do not drink enough[3]. A UK survey demonstrated that 40% of 11- to 18-year-old children drink less than 1.2 litres per day[4], compared with EFSA guidance on adequate intakes of 2.1 litres and 1.9 litres per day for 9- to 13-year-old boys and girls, respectively[5]. In fact, it's not uncommon for school children to go for 6 or 7 hours without a single drink[1].

Short-term consequences of dehydration include impaired physical and cognitive performance, headaches, raised heart rate and blood pressure. In the long term, it is associated with a range of serious conditions, including urinary tract infections, kidney stones and periodontal disease.

More positively, a recently published study showed that a relatively simple but comprehensive educational intervention programme proved successful for enhancing hydration status in just two days that resulted in improved physical endurance in exercising children[6].

With its mission of establishing healthy hydration as an integral part of public health nutritional guidelines and routine patient counselling, so that people can make informed choices, the H4H Initiative aims to encourage more widespread advocacy of healthy hydration to the general public.

With the UK pilot of the 'Thirsty Pete' iPhone app it is hoped that, by making learning about healthy hydration entertaining and fun, this innovative approach to healthy hydration advice and can help to address the potential long-term health risks associated with poor hydration choices.
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IPhone Application development increase cash flow in your business

iPhone application development is the most ambitious program in the mobile development till date. iPhone has shown the actual creativity of developers who are known as iPhone app developers. Because of the extraordinary features, glossy look and multi functionality, the people are becoming fan of iPhone and they are ready invest a big amount for this product. The demand of iPhone is increasing like wildfire which is also increasing the demand of iPhone application development. The businessmen involved in mobile industry will miss a big deal if they do not focus on the iPhone application development. The investors have also concreted their on the companies developing iPhone applications. Thus, to gain the large business from the iPhone application development, many companies are hiring a team of iPhone app developers.

iPhone has brought a great revolution for the youngsters interested in the game application. Because of the rich internet application, the game played in iPhone becomes such an amazing experience that even adults have become fan of iPhone. If you want to launch your website which is also compatible with iPhone and iPad, you will experience rocking sales in your business. All you need to do is to contact a software development company developing iPhone applications. Businesses have realized the fact that they have to launch their business on iPhone platform to promote it and stay in the competition. Most businesses are redesigning their websites to ensure that their business product reaches to iPhone and iPad users. Now, you can realize why iPhone app developers are in great demand.

iPhone application developer or the software development companies need to identify particular need of their prospective buyers and develop an application that satisfies their need. Developer should be able to finish his task within stipulated time frame. If you are right in your understanding, you may get more than your imagination in this business. iPhone application development services can be used by all types of industry. iPhone app developers are introducing a new and unique application every day. Thus, buyers have option to choose the best application which can make their lives better and more interesting. Businesses need to hire best, expert and talented developers for iPhone application development to get high return on investment.

The responsibility of the software development company doesn't end once iPhone application is created. iPhone application should be run as long as possible. The company should support iPhone app developer to set up debugger and stimulation tool to remove bug from iPhone applications then only their cashflow will remain continue. Moreover, company should design their marketing policy carefully which can attract more buyers. The market of iPhone application is too big that your application can be sold out easily in a given time frame provided iPhone app developer has developed application with intense care and proper method. The sales of iPhone have already crossed 4 millions and millions of iPhone applications are already sold. The friendly applications of iPhone are  increasing buyers day by day and iPhone application development is getting more boost.

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Yahoo releases search tools for iPhone, Android apps

Yahoo wants to help people find mobile applications and information about them.

On Thursday, the company is unveiling a feature in its search engine called App Search, as well as application search tools for Android and iPhone devices called AppSpot.

Both the new App search feature and the mobile search tools can be used to seek applications for iPhone and Android devices, although the company expects to expand that scope in the future.

For now, Yahoo has indexed the mobile application catalogue of the Android Market and of the Apple App Store, and is convinced that it can do a better job than the search tools of those two online shops.

"Their search is good, but it's not best-of-breed," said Shashi Seth, Yahoo's senior vice president of search.
Finding information about mobile applications, like descriptions, ratings, reviews and recommendations, is at a rudimentary stage similar to web search in the mid-1990s, Seth said.

The way Yahoo sees it, many people today struggle to find the right mobile application among the hundreds of thousands available for Android and iPhone devices.

In addition to letting people search for applications through conventional query terms, the Yahoo search tools also offer up recommendations based on users' preferences and likes; solicit and display reviews and ratings; and provide categories for browsing.

Once a user chooses an application, the Yahoo search tools provide direct links to it in either the App Store or the Android Market.

Yahoo may broaden the scope of the search tools' index to include applications for tablet devices like the iPad and in other mobile stores, such as the ones for Samsung, Research In Motion and Nokia devices, Seth said.

If it sees enough demand, Yahoo may also later include in App Search information and links to Web applications for desktop browsers, such as the tens of thousands that have been created for sites like Facebook and Twitter, he said.

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To the Point, Android or iPhone: Popularity Showdown

This is what we call the Android and iPhone popularity showdown; we would like to know what our readers are using to enter the world of the social networking.

Do you use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon etc, if so what sort of tech do you use? We have put a poll together below this article where we have added a few names such as Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7.

Business Insider has put together something very interesting; they picked the top names in tech history that use Twitter. Here are just a few: Dennis Crowley, co-founder of Foursquare uses the iPhone, other iPhone users include Steve Case, co-founder of AOL, Chris Sacca, Twitter investor and ex-Googler, Chris Dixon, investor, co-founder of Hunch and Founder Collective, Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, Keith Rabois, investor, GM at Square and Joshua Topolsky, editor of This Is My Next, ex-Engadget Editor In Chief. Tose that use Android devices include Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and Fred Wilson, principal of Union Square Ventures. Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft uses Windows Phone 7, and Mark Suster, investor, partner at GRP Partners uses the BlackBerry.

Overall the outcome after 25 names looks like this: 16 uses the iPhone, Android is 4 users, 2 users for the BlackBerry and 1 user for Windows Phone 7.

Whatever social network you use, we would love to know what phone you have. Look at the list below in our poll and please tick the relevant box next to your device’s OS. Thanks

If we look at official reports Vision Mobile is offering a free report of the ‘Developer Economics 2011’ that you can download for free. This is very interesting because on the developer side of things Android is the clear winner, the Top-3 platforms in Developer Mindshare includes Android at 67% and iOS at 59%. You must remember these figures are for developers only, we are asking general phone users what they tech they are using.

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iPad Web Application Development – Live Experience of Your Business Apps on iPad

USA – iPad Applications Developer, a leading software development service providing company, feels happy to announce the web development services for iPad.

Explaining the difference between iPad web apps and native apps IAD said that There are two types of apps available for iPad. One is native apps designed for particular device and iPad web apps designed for any device and are universal in use. Native apps are faster as it uses resources and capabilities of the device particular. You have to search the iPad web apps on internet while no need to search the native apps as you can download it from Apple store. You will feel more comfortable with native apps as it device for iPad use only while iPad web apps can be used on other devices. Native apps require knowledge of Objective C while iPad web apps can be designed using HTML5 and CSS3 as well as JavaScript. Native apps don't need internet connection to run while iPad web apps need internet connection to run. Native apps can be turned on or off easily and there is no fear of data lose while you can not easily turn on or off iPad web apps.

Native apps are closed platform while iPad web apps are universal and can be used on any device like Android, BlackBerry or Symbian. You can not get client-side functionality with the native apps while it is possible with iPad web apps as it uses HTML 5, CSS3 and JavaScript especially with local or offline use. IPad web apps are universal because you can switch between style sheet or redirect the pages on which device or browser you use. IPad native apps need registration in iTunes store while you can freely use iPad web apps as it need not to get approval from any market place.

if you want to use ipad web apps development services at IAD contact our representative.

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Spot the Best Android App Developers

It's not tough to spot the best Android app developers. All you need to do is simply look at their applications. Even the brand-new Android owner can tell you which apps took talent and which were hastily done without regard to the end result. The best Android app developers release app after successful app, and all share similar characteristics. This holds true whether the app is aimed toward the gaming population or to the practical users who use their Android to make life easier.

The best Android app developers:

• Plan, plan, and plan some more. Before one single line of code is written, the best Android app developers can answer the following questions: Who is my audience? How will this app carve out a niche in the app market? Will this be a free or fee-based app? What is a fair charge if a fee will be collected? These answers have to be set in stone before a developer reaches the next step, which inevitably involves asking the question:

• What will the app involve? Graphics and typesets must be selected, but first, the best app developer must consider the entire app in question. He or she imagines it as a finished product and decides where any gaps pose problems to the user in terms of usability. Before he or she begins to actually design the app, these problems have been taken care of and the app begins to take shape.

• Great app developers are willing to admit if they have made a mistake with any part of this planning phase, and they quickly fix it and move on to the next step. If a certain protocol isn't working, they immediately recognize the problem and fix it. Above all, the best developers keep their ego in check and realize that if the end user cannot understand how to work the app, it does not matter how intricately beautiful it is. The user will simply press erase, and that will be the end of that app.

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Android / Symbian / Blackberry/ iPhone Application Apps Development company Blue Genie Technologies

Blue Genie Technologies are a professional mobile software applications development company providing high end solutions & services for multiple applications for the most popular communicative device of today’s age, the iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, iPad, Symbian and Windows. Defying all limitations to excellence, we go beyond merely developing customized applications for you.

Blue Genie Technologies have extend ourselves to utilize our professional expertise in applying the knowledge of various SDKs, that builds a platform for an amazing range of advanced technologies, that could create wonders while enhancing the functionality of your iPhone and iPod touch or any other applications. We firmly believe our wide experience in smart phone Application Development.

Blue Genie Technologies has dedicated Smartphone developers/Programmers, iPhone Application Developers and we allow you to choose and hire them exclusively to understand your project requirements and assist you execute the solutions.

You can Hire iPhone Developer, Hire other smart phone Application Developer/Programmer to get started today from Blue Genie Technologies. Also, learn more about iPhone 3GS Games/Mac Games Development and get going from this moment itself.

Blue Genie Technologies also provide customized iPad Application Development Services for Apple’s newly introduced device “iPad” which is also known as Apple iTampon or iPad Tablet PC. Development of iphone web applications and custom iPhone apps, iPod touch apps with the new iPhone OS 4.0 and iPhone SDK 4.0 beta shall truly be encouraging with this new version providing scope of interaction and better usage.

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Top 5 iPad alternatives

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1V
The stand-out feature of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1V, the best selling tablet after iPad, is its 8MP rear-facing camera. Sitting next to an LED flash on the back of the device, this powerful camera blows the iPad 2's 0.7MP effort into oblivion. The tablet's screen is a 10.1-inch TFT with a resolution of 1280x800. It is powered by Nvidia's dual core Tegra 2 CPU and has 1GB RAM.

2. Asus Eee Pad Transformer
ASUS answers typing struggles with tablets in the form of the Eee Pad Transformer TF101. The tablet comes with keyboard dock that not only makes typing but easier also doubles the battery life and boosts connectivity. It has a 10.1in (1,024x800 resolution) capacitive screen, an NVIDIA Tegra 2 (1GHz) processor, 1GB of RAM and operates on Android 3.0.

3. Acer Iconia Tab A500
Compared with the iPad, the Acer Iconia TAB A500 has a richer selection of ports and slots. It has a micro-USB 2.0 port, a mini-HDMI port for streaming video to TV and a MicroSD slot. The Acer tablet also has 5 MP auto focus camera at rear and 2 MP camera at front. It is powered by Nvidia Tegra-2 1 Ghz dual core processor and comes with 1Gb DDR 2 RAM.

4. LG Optimus Pad
LG Optimus Pad is the first tablet capable of displaying 3D video and still images. The tablet boasts an unorthodox 8.9-inch display with a 1280 x 768 resolution. It has dual-5MP cameras which work together to shoot 3D images and record 3D footage. A dual-core Tegra 2 chip makes up the silicon guts, along with 32GB of storage and Android 3.0 Honeycomb.

5. Motorola Xoom
The interesting thing about Xoom is that it has a PC like interface so you won’t feel uncomfortable after switching from your PC. It runs Google's Android 3.1 Honeycomb and uses Nvidia Tegra 2 SoC. The 16:9 aspect ratio of the screen makes it well-suited for watching widescreen videos.

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iPhone and iPad Application Development: Applications and Designs Suiting the Modern Business

Nowadays, mobile sets are not a medium of telecommunication, but have become one of the potential tools having additional functionalities. Customized iphone Application can be developed using iPhone SDK platform. This has greatly improved the performance of iPhones. iPhone OS is the most powerful & advanced mobile operating system for developing powerful iPhone applications.

There are many firms which are involved in making iPhone Applications to make them customized iPhones. Advanced mobile applications provide the users with a number of friendly applications suiting the modern business requirements and satisfying them to the optimum extent. With leveraging technology, the expert developers make innovative iPhone applications that connect the idea to business. With sophisticated iPhone Application Development tools we can create world-class applications and design optimized web sites for iPhone. iPhone Mobile Application Development include iPhone Web Application Development, iPhone Business Development, iPhone Games Development, iPhone SDK Development, iPhone Social Networking Development and iPhone CMS Development. They successfully completed the industry projects within the defined time limits with their proven efficiency.

They tend to build the world's most innovative mobile operating system with easy user-interface design and develop scalable iPhone applications. iPhone Application Development that proves to be a big success to the users with a fine set of feasible solutions & latest applications.

iPad has proved as a revolutionary device which has launched in the mobile market. It is re-named as the larger version of iPhone as it has a wide look of the multi-touch screen. This screen gives its users, huge display of the features and applications turning it to an exclusive new device. The in-built apps of ipad give to users. iPad Application Development has been a brilliant invention. It supports a lot many new applications and works just the same as a modern desktop computer. The users get the wide touch screen while it takes the concept of computer to next level.

Different applications are made using the distinctive features of iPad are:

• iPad Games Applications Development
• iPad Multimedia Applications Development
• iPad Travel Applications Development
• iPad Utility Applications Development
• iPad Entertainment Applications Development
• iPad E-Books Application Development
• iPad Social Networking Application Development

iPad's talented developers extend it's application architecture and built a complete user-friendly application for the ease of users. It comes with simple and quick business applications with huge number of technical apps. As iPad is a target for apps starting from desktop applications to iPhone applications, the developers design highly creative iPad applications with the changing needs of audience. iPad Application developers have profound experience in making apps related to various fields such as business, entertainment, games, web connectivity, email, ebooks, publishing videos, etc.

Along with iPhone Application & iPad Application Development, the application development companies also make BlackBerry Application Development, Symbain Application Development, Windows Mobile Application Development, J2ME based Mobile Application Development and Android Application Developer . All these mobile are also built with new applications from simple application level to complex application levels. By receiving the best and topmost quality apps, users get excellent applications to explore through various devices.

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How to Install TetherMe 2.1-1 .deb File For Free

TetherMe has been updated to 1.3-12 version which is cracked .deb file and only compatible with iPhone jailbroken. Dynamically enables native tethering for iOS3.X and iOS4.X+ devices. This should work on any carrier without the need for customized bundles or preferences. If you want to install the old version, you may see here. In these new version, it support:
  • Update to support new MobileSubstrate (remove previous work-around)
  • Add an option to not use Data APN for tethering. Do not use this.
NOTE: You MAY need to reboot your iDevice if upon installation or removal cellular service does not return.

It has been tested to work on all iOS versions from 3.0 to 4.0.1 and works by telling the iPhone to allow tethering on any APN that is used for iPhone data. As a result, you should not be charged extra from your phone company as all tethering data appears to come from the phone itself.

There is no icon for this item. After installation or reboot, tethering will be available to turn on in Settings -> General -> Network, or install the Tethering Toggle for SBSettings.

How To Install TetherMe Via Mobile Terminal

  • Download TetherMe.deb file here
  • And download it dependencies for preferences and APN settings : One / Two
  • After downloading the deb file above rename it to tether.deb
  • Copy it to var/mobile on your iphone and install using ifile or do the following
  • Open up mobile terminal
  • Type in su (press return)
  • Type in alpine (press return)(Change your default password due to security reason)
  • Type in dpkg -i tether.deb (press return)
  • Reboot and respring your iphone

Auto Installation Using i-FunBox

You may click here for easy way of auto installation using i-FunBox. Just use your USB cable!


Auto Installation

Ssh your iPhone. You may see instruction on how to install .deb file via SSH. And make a folder called AutoInstall in/var/root/Media/Cydia/ so you have /var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall which is case sensitive and drop this debs file in the autoinstall folder, reboot and respring your iPhone.

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Turn You iPad 3G To A Fully Functional Phone

iPhoneIslam the creators of FaceIt3GS which enables facetime calls for the iphone 3gs have out done themselves once again. Today they show us a PhoneItPad new tweak that fully enables phone calls and text messaging on your ipad 3g. It’s always been our dream to hold up the huge ipad to our face and start talking away, the look on peoples face?...According to iPhoneislam

hack that will change the game. Can you imagine turning your iPad to a fully functional phone.

With No Special Hardware all what you need is Jailbroken iPad 3G and your iPad 3G will do anything you expect from iPhone… Phone Calls, SMS, FaceTime by Phone Number… ETC

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