iPhone Programming Newbies: Develop iPhone Apps

Recently I posted the free iPhone development course offered by Stanford University. Are you really passionate to develop your own iPhone app and release it to public? Are you planning to devote a large amount of time to learn iPhone programming from the ground up? You probably need to give up your free time and stay away from TV but learn iPhone programming. Are you well-prepared for that?

I think it’s really tough for those without any programming experience to grasp iPhone development in a short period of time. You’ll need to learn about Object-oriented concept, Objective C and iPhone SDK in order to build an iPhone app. There are a lot to learn and pick up. But, again, there is nothing can stop you from learning and building your own iPhone app. If your answers to the above questions are all positive and you’re very determined to learn, I’m sure I’ll soon see your iPhone app debuted on App Store.

Still can’t believe you can do it. Recently, SFGate published a great and inspiring article titled "Programming newbies make apps for iphone". Part of the article covered a story of a jewelry manager, who is absolutely a programming newbie, is now studying and developing a travel organizer for iPhone.

Lauren Bernsen, a 25-year-old Nordstrom jewelry manager, had never written a line of computer code - that is, until the iPhone came along. Now the Palo Alto resident spends many nights bathed in the blue light of her computer screen creating her first iPhone application, a travel organizer program.

So, if you’re determined to study iPhone programming, here are a few resources that I can offer to you guys:

1. Introduction to Objective-C 2.0 Programming Language
2. Free iPhone Development Course from Stanford University
3. A great iPhone development handbook - Beginning iPhone Development
4. 100 Free Courses & Tutorials for Aspiring iPhone App Developers

Remember there is nothing to deter you from learning and get things done if you’re really passionate about it. Let me borrow a quote from the “Last Lecture” professor to end this post…

“Brick walls are there for a reason: they let us prove how badly we want things.” - Professor Randy Pausch.

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