iPhone 3.0 Beta 4: Supports Multiple iTunes Account

Apple has seeded the iPhone OS 3.0 Beta 4 to developers. As discovered by developers that have downloaded this beta OS, it turns out that the upcoming iPhone OS 3.0 supports multiple iTunes account. You can switch between different iTunes account right within the iPhone.

If you’re like me, with multiple iTunes accounts, you’ll know that it’s quite troublesome to switch between the accounts. On the current firmware version (i.e. 2.2.1 or lower), there is no way to change iTunes account on iPhone. The only viable way is to change account on iTunes and then sync the change to iPhone. And, the worst thing is iPhone seems can’t handle multiple accounts well that it may detect an erroneous number of updates.

As shown in the screenshot captured in iPhone 3.0 beta 4, it looks like Apple engineers will fix the multiple account issue and let user to switch different account directly on iPhone. A new “Sign in” button is introduced in “App Store” that allows you to logon with the account you want.

More than that, you can even create a new iTunes account within iPhone.

[Image via TheAppleBlog]

Love this new feature and want to use it right now? You have to wait a little bit longer. Presently, iPhone 3.0 is still in beta stage and will only be available to general public this summer

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