iPad Application Development – Make Your Life Simple And Better

iPad gained instant popularity as a multi-tasking device especially for the young from the time it was first launched in 2010. Its sales record proves it all to us, it sold more than 3 million units in the first few days. Its advance features and amazing mobile applications make it an ideal replacement for a notebook. Dedicated iPad application development companies further facilitate its use by introducing innovative applications after extensive research and hard work.
iPad Application Development

When iPad was introduced in the market its usability was limited to recreation, leisure and entertainment purpose. However with passing times it has been able to overcome its limitations and further expanded to cover the arena of business applications. Big companies today, are very much interested in taking their businesses to new levels by introducing iPad applications to further enhance their work productivity and improve workflow connectivity. Hence the increasing demand for iPad application development services provided by dedicated iPad development companies.

Experienced iPad application developers of well known software development companies with equal interest in mobile application development and various other technologies develop applications with the enriched file system and various other features. They have iPad application development capabilities and provide services as needed by clients, thus it is the client who decides the type of application to be developed. If you are planning for iPad application development then you need to contact these companies with your project requirements and they will do the needful. This flexibility further adds to the widespread use of iPad and increase in demand for iPad applications.

It’s not only about the various options available in the iPad but also about the various applications which can be downloaded from iTunes. These applications further make your device stand apart in the crowd. Talking about applications, they are not any ordinary applications but such those are seen in modern day advanced air conditioners, refrigerators, robots and other electrical goods. Such iPad application development further makes your life easy and convenient.

The various uses of iPad application development and the different ways in which it can be used by emerging businesses to conquer the market has increased demand for iPad application development. Different companies around the world have already benefitted from this you can be the next, just hire the best iPad development company, specify your project requirements and wait for the results, which will come soon, once the application is launched in the market.

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Taking care of health by Android health Application

We know that now day’s android smart phone is not only uses for incoming and outgoing purpose but Android provides a social as well professional and joyful environment too. But today android jump in the market with new functionality to beat competitors and provide a safety guard to its users.

Android application development with health application is more favorable across the world because “Health is Wealth” in this ongoing era nobody has time for purpose android released this application in which users can easily check up their about their health regularly and it is also affordable too!!

Top Health Application by Android

iTriage Health


This application developer by two minded physicians which is very helpful in you daily health report and also useful in making decision in “what should I do for this debases?” iTriage health application is uses over 80 country in the world and have reputable users response.

Install here


Now you are become mentally strong by using this application. This application is created by Perception System, a mobile application development company India. This application shows your heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol whatsMyM3 application is available in 2.99$

Cancer Preventing Food Apps


It is says that “Healthy Aging Means Take Care of Your Meal” this application is very useful in preventing cancer risk. This app contains all the common foods can be found in grocery stores which provide rich antioxidants and photochemical that can help stave off cancer and some can even help inhibit cancer cell growth

Health Tips

Health tips application provides healthy advices in diseases like cold, cough, flu etc. and also suggest taking care of your hair and skin. There are five section in this application which are Hair and skin, Cold and Cough, Diabetics, Heart and blood pressure, provides useful tips which are very ease and cheap to take and no risk of any side effects.

Install here

Office Yoga Application


“Yoga is key to essential health awareness” office yoga is easy to learn yoga classic in your office. Office Yoga is a health application for Android users with different sets of yoga practice, you can practice for relaxation and refreshment. This android application is free and you can install in your mobile easily
Install here

Home Remedies


It’s a free application in android market and is a complete guide to home based care. There is no side effect and not reaction for this treatment. This application provides guidance in most common disease such as Acne, Allergies, Anemia, and Asthma etc. useful for all ages and everybody as well as very useful to homeopathy specialist.

Install here

Android allow its users to install this application in their smart phone and get benefits of this applications. So now android is not only a professional uses but also android is an important part of social life. Android covers its popularity across the world in short time period and Indian app developers have smart skill to develop user friendly android application.

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Hope that this post is very useful to readers created by Perception System, a leading mobile development services provider company. PS has great expertise in mobile application development services and has dedicated Android Apps developer who have great skill to develop user friendly android applications.

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Top iPhone Smartphone Device In Terms Of Return On Investment For Mobile Ad

Global - mobile advertising, iPhone OS, a leading company with an average eCPM (effective cost per thousand impressions), followed by $ 2.85, from Android devices in U.S. $ 2.10, according to an Opera Software.

These results in the state of mobile advertising, to the knowledge of the second quarter of 2012 and an overview of the mobile advertising platform globally serving over 9,000 customers with more than 35 billion impressions a month based on comparative ad and runs more than $ 240 million (U.S.) in revenue for mobile publishers in 2011. On these results based, suggesting that the units of the Opera with the convenience and functionality that enable greater interaction between the announcement of the device and the functionality of a better chance to win at least as simple the device to be used.
iPhone Application Development

Opera also found that the iPad 3CPM an average of U.S. $ 3.96 Opera Mobile platform for ads. This is another example of a point for the iPad includes user devices and to achieve significant acceptance of users to user groups who are most desirable to advertisers. For example, 40 percent of doctors have or are planning iPad tablet, or the position in late 2012, according to Nielsen's estimates.

iPhone application development can be seen as the best gadget itself. Your dream can true by the application on the phone when you actually Hire iphone Developers who understands the needs of the company. The study recommends that advertisers executions tablet a major part of its strategy for the following six months.

Rich media is a crucial difference in encouraging participation, the study found. So far, in the first half of 2012, Apple has shown a clear majority IOS rich media ad impressions correlate with increased eCPM. In addition, the index of operas rich media. 66 percent of users who click on a video that will complement the interaction with an average residence time of 52 seconds with imaging capabilities guarantees a retention time (1 min 25 Sec), and about half of consumers continue to communicate with clicks to place an ad. The U.S. and Canada generate most ad requests, with 73 percent the world total. U.S.eCPM is also the highest (U.S. $ 1.98), followed closely by Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Germany and France (1.94 dollars).

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List of Top 5 iPhone or iPad Reading and Editing Applications

iPhone and iPad applications especially reading applications have been the craze in the market. These applications transfer the monotonous and often boring job of reading into a pleasant experience by allowing readers access to multiple touch features that would make reading a fun activity. If you are interested in having an iPhone or iPad reader then the too many applications on the list would make the job of selecting the one for you a little difficult. To make it easier, here we list top 5 iPhone or iPad reading applications along with there prominent features (note applications have been listed in no specific order):

1. GoodReader:


It is basically a file viewer for iPad with the ability to play back sound, video and supports office docs, Word files, PDFs, text files and iWorks docs. As you get accustomed to it you are likely to get addicted to its amazing bookmarking, annotating, highlighting and viewing features. Best part about GoodReader is that it loads pages really fast, you do not have to wait for ages before the next page launches.

2. Evereader:


This is again an excellent iPhone application developed by Perception Systems. Though a basic reading application its features make it ideal. Evereader supports various file formats like HTML, web, Apple iWorks docs, Microsoft Word/Excel/Powerpoint, RTF, MP3, Mov etc. Premium version makes creating and editing PDF files on the small device a reality. With this users have the power to download, read, manage, store and create their own content for use as they go.

3. SimpleNote:


Simple as it should be is not all that simple, it is a complex comprehensive application with lots of features to make it easier for you to manage your reading activities. It has an amazingly clean interface with different windows for adjusting options and editing text. The application immensely simplifies synching, whatever data you have to sync gets automatically synched into your account as you log into it.

4. TextExpander:


With its amazing features enabling users to do much more with this simple application TextExpander can be rightly called a full on application. Best feature of the application is that it makes typing much more easier. Words and phrases that you need to type repeatedly are suggested as you type and are stored as snippets into the application. These snippets can be later used as you type those similar words and phrases. This feature works even for URLs, blog post templates, HTML code and email signatures.

5. Reeder for iPad:

Reeder for iPad

Google Reader RSS feeds Reeder for iPad aligns the best multi touch features to form a wonderful iPad application. Whether you want to go through the article and save it for later read or want to read them in much more details, save them for offline reference or share it on social networking sites, all this and much more is possible on Reeder for iPad.

Many options spoil the choice, hope the list is useful for all those looking forward to get an iPhone or iPad reader and help you make the right choice.
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Celebration Of iPhone 5th Successful Year

It was five days ago, the iPhone hit the market in the United States now sees its major feature was during the revolution, not only destroyed the telephone industry, but the laptop and all. The iPhone was six months before its release at the Macworld Expo opening at the start to happen to one of the best products of course, when Steve Jobs introduced.

Unity is the first consumer product with a capacitive touch screen is not only "hold" and not to see in print, but the details and make room for the season wide range of movements, such as pinch, filter and clean. Research experience, including touch screen, was something no one ever thought could exist on your mobile device. It was not just a lame WAP browser, but the rendering engine size of the desktop option. To move, combined with a pinch-zoom, focus and push-to-magnetic gestures, Apple have opened the way for modern navigation, the mobile Internet.
iPhone Application Development

Apple also experiences the iTunes Music Store, iPod and iPhone, the iPod application of its own iTunes Music Store. The iPhone is not just a show of the new features of the world, who were present on other phones. Surgery is also a smart phone can be used, essentially, of course, is a hardware keyboard. At the same time, Nokia, Blackberry and Palm smart type are sold all over the square of the screen and hardware keyboards, Steve Jobs publicly ridiculed these devices, and said that the screen interface is a much better solution.

Apple's sales were so dependent on mobile devices has dropped "Computer", "Apple Computer, Inc." be just "Apple Inc."
The iPhone's revenues didn't come out of nowhere of course. Apple ate away revenues and market share from the Smart phone bigwigs back then, that included RIM, Palm and Nokia. The palm was bought by HP, Web OS abandoned, Nokia dumped Symbian, jumped the Microsoft ship, and RIM is currently in the middle of a grave battle of existence.

Further improve the performance and functionality; iPhone apps developers around the world have participated in the iPhone applications development . This is part of a growing lucrative, iPhone applications lead to many companies, large and small, who are trying their best to get the App Store. And if the money from selling applications is as easy and less time on large projects, why not time to think and not to throw the head.

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Andorid users has the globe on their palm

We all are very well know that today the use of smart phone makes humans life very cozy. Really! Now its great news for every android users as well as any OS users because now you can display your android screen on your PC. Now android is more user friendly hand held and allow its users to display android device as it is in their desktop.

Run Ubuntu Desktop On Your Android

Now second one is to optimum use of android device. An android device user can run their ubuntu desktop in their hands. How it possible? Let learn it...

Use Your Android Device as a Desktop

An android device contain lots of features. If any one has a dream that android device can usable on my desktop than not to be worry now the dream has become fact. Let see it...

Display/Record Android Screen on Any OS (No Root Needed)

Top 5 Android Games of 2012

Today android has got more popularity and user response due to providing amazing games.

Perception System Pvt. Ltd is one of the best mobile application provider to the globe. PS has an experience of more than 10 years in this field and have got grip in mobile application development. We have expert mobile application developers who can tackle any challenge to develop apps.
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A Trip of Google Android Inc

Today the use of smart phone is increasing due to superb increasing ratio of smart phone. Android is world famous user friendly smart phone. Android is called as user friendly mobile because it has created by a user friendly mobile Inc which Google Android Inc. Google has create 100% user friendly environment. Android Inc is most successful and world famous mobile app development company and has very deep thinking to create eye catching android applications.

You are quite far away from World’s Famous Smart Phone Android Inc….

Now you are exact reached at Android Inc… Go State!!

But Stop Quit Before enter in Android headquarters Take Some Break Fast!!!

What you thing? He is Android Candy man!!!!

He just things that what we should provide with Android

Now Be Serious! Android is all about professional Smart company

Android iOS and Android device management…

You can test all the range of Android…

You know that Oracle dealt patent defeat in Google Android case!

Super Clean office environment of Google Android Inc

An Office Department of Google Android Programmer

Android Environment

Keep Silent it’s Android Meeting Room!

Google Android office Video

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Perception System, a leading mobile development services Provider Company in India. And have pool of smart android apps developer who have great ability to provide android application development. PS also provide services for mobile application developers for full time and part time in affordable rate.

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Give Your Droid New Look Every Time by Amazing Colored and Featured Themes!

Colorful things and places always attracts everyone who passes through it. The color is most important thing in human life. Every one has favorite colors in which they wants to see their objects. Color for home, color for car, color for bike, color for dress, color for mobile phone. Means things when it was being choosed at that time there is big role of its color. Now the most using devise is smart phone. And in which Android based smart phones has big amount of users. For them we have colorful opportunity.

If Android Phone user wish to make their gadget body colorful than he has only two to three chance by changing device back side only, not more than that. Now Android users has got great opportunity to make their phone new colored and featured daily. If any android user wish to make their gadget not only colored but also featured inside and also give the beauty to its screen then he has endless opportunities. But here one point to be noted there are bundles of themes on the web, which are best and secure for my device? It creates confusion,

Don't worry here we collect 10 most colored, featured & latest themes for our visitors:

1). Color Dot Theme GO Launcher EX

- This theme make your device cute by its color dot. After installation it device runs smooth and fast. Recently 20 new icons has been added.

- This theme designed by ZT Design and launched at 1st July 2012.

Get Download/Install

2). Windows 7 GO Launcher EX Theme

- After installing this theme your device will look like windows 7 OS. Very nice theme and on of the famous theme.

- This theme continuously updating. Till now it has been updated 5 times.

Get Download/Install

3). ADW.Elegant Theme

- This theme has been created for give your device class and elegance. It contains wallpapers, icon pack and docks to choose from.

- To get install no need to high configured phone.

Get Download/Install

4). Ice Cream Sandwich (theme)

- Get the new android look for your device really it will give latest look to your device. Very successful theme!

Get Download/Install

5). Sense Glass ADW Theme

- A beautiful and light glass theme. It has been designed for 5 icon style.

- This theme gives you transparent clear glassy display.

Get Download/Install

6). ADW Theme MacOS

- This theme will change your device look completely. It has MacOS packages which completely change your icons, wallpapers, font, etc. and looking like Mac.

Get Download/Install

7). Wood Theme GO Launcher EX

- This theme is very nice looking it will give you 20 lucid icons, covers the main apps of the phone such as dial, sms, email, new folder interface, special app drawer skin and so on.

- This theme is designed by Go launcher Dev Team.

Get Download/Install

8). Plate Theme 4 GO Launcher EX

- Plate theme is nice looking theme it has clock widget it has second name also that is fancy widget. It gives you creative display.

Get Download/Install

9). ADW Ubuntu Theme

- This theme gives you great experience of ubuntu to your android device.

- This theme is made by Ryan Oslon.

Get Download/Install

10). Diva Theme GO Locker

- This theme is really very nice. Although it is old but its beauty make us to put. it very nice glassy look with glassy icons and fonts.

- It has very nice glassy look with glassy icons and fonts.

Get Download/Install

Perception System, a leading mobile solution provider company in India and have high reputation in the mobile industry. Perception System deal with mobile related services such as Android Application Development, Android Game Development and much more mobile application development relative services.

We hope that our visitors will satisfy by this information and will also take visit regularly. We have lots of topics, news and information like this.
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Journey of Perception System in Mobile Application Development

Today the mobile application development company increase boomingly in the world so thousands of companies are engaged in providing mobile application development services to the world. Today we know that interesting and informative mobile applications turn the human’s life and make a new change in their life cycle.

There are thousands of mobile app development service provider company in India Among them Perception System is the best plate form and have great knowledge of providing mobile solutions. PS has been providing mobile app development services such as android, iPhone, blackberry, symbain etc. we share our work with you which are developed by Perception System 


This application is developed by Perception System especially for tourist. If you are thinking about going to vocational tour this application is very useful. In this application you can find all the historical place in India such as Agra, Delhi, Jammu & Kashmir, Goa etc.

Download here

ShiftNote WebIcon

After launching this application you can make Indiarecipe without having any recipe Cook and Book. PS has launched this useful application run by iPhone and iPod. This application provides you Indian recipe in 9 different categories. It is all about “KHANA KHAJANA”


Download here


This application is developed especially for Muslim brothers as well as Non Muslim too. Muslims and Non-Muslim should reflect on the beautiful teachings contained in these saying and develop a greater appreciation of Islam & Prophet S.A.W.

Download here

ShiftNote WebIcon

This is a blackberry application which the users to load his webpage with just one touch on the icon. Now users need not have to remember website address it can be open  only one touch

See Website

Smooth Glider

Perception System has a team of high skilled mobile app developer who has great ability to develop eye catching and user friendly game application with full of joy and fun. Smooth Glider is our one of the popular game application this game if created for FMCG a brand of Gold Flake Cigarette

See here

Who We Are? 

Perception System Pvt Ltd is leading mobile application development services provider company in India. PS provide offshore mobile development service. You can hire mobile app developer form perception system Indiaand get the best solutions. Experts android apps developer in Perception have ability to tackle any challenge in mobile industries. You can hire our programmers any time in affordable rate for part time as well as full time.

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