Touch Mouse: Turn Your iPhone Into Wireless Mouse And Keyboard

This app could control any computer that is sync’d via Wi-Fi. Develop by Logitech Touch Mouse, this app will be a bit hit among those that have a computer connected to a TV, as you can now sit on the couch and control that computer from your iPhone rather than a wireless mouse & keyboard combo.

Before your use this app, you have to download an install this server software on your computer. Launch this app and you will see a screen that is mostly blank other than three buttons on the top labeled “left”, “center” and “right”. These buttons act in same manner as your left, right and center buttons do on a typical mouse and the large blank area is your track pad, that you can use your finger or stylus to move the mouse cursor around the screen.

There is a small button in the bottom left hand side that allows you show and hide the keyboard. You can switch between portrait and landscape views, as you like, for typing. One nice feature on this app is that it shows you what you are typing in a text display box on the iPhone. Also, it’s handy that the left, center and right buttons always stay visible when you are using the keyboard. In landscape mode, the mouse buttons do not show up, rather you have to tap the top of the screen to select items.

Moreover, this app is completely free through the App Store and you can download it via this direct iTunes link.

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