How To Install Cydia Apps Without WiFi

For those who do not have WiFi access at home or prefer to install cydia apps via USB, Cyder is the application you should check out alternatively. In brief, Cyder is a cydia manager for PC. It lets you download cydia apps from your PC and install the apps to iPhone over USB. Cyder is a free application but it works on Windows only.

NOTE: Before taking any further action, please note the procedures only works for jailbroken iPhone ONLY and compatible on Windows ONLY.

Install Cydia Apps using Cyder

1) Download Cyder here and extract it using Winzip.

2) Connect your iPhone via USB

3) Launch Cyder by double-clicking the cyder.exe

4) In the Source tab, add the following repositories:

NOTE: If you find any other repositories, simply add the URL via this screen.

5) After adding all the sources, click the “Refresh” button to load the list of cydia applications.

6) It’ll take some time to load the cydia application list. Once completed, go to the Package tab and you’ll see all the cydia applications available. From here, you can select any of the cydia apps and cyder will show a short description of the apps. Simply click the checkbox of the app you want to download and click the hard drive icon to download the app.

7) Go to the Synchronization tab. Here you can copy the app you just download to your iPhone. Select the package you just download and click the arrow button to copy the package to the AutoInstaller folder.

8) Click the arrow button to copy the app from computer to iPhone.

9) Wait until the app is transferred to iPhone. Then quit cyder.

10) Power off your iPhone and start it up again. After reboot, you should find the cydia app you just installed.

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