How To Disable iPhone’s Auto Rotation Feature

You can simply rotate iPhone sideway and it responds automatically to display content in landscape. The landscape offers better reading experience for most application and a wider keyboard for typing. Its quite irritating when it turn sideway when i lay in bed to browse web and check my email. This is because the accelerometer measures the angle of iPhone relative to gravity, rather to the user. Due to this reason, iPhone rotates sideway when you lay in bed.

How To Turn Off Auto-Rotation Feature

Here there is a 2 ways how to disable this feature. But this tips only applicable to jailbroken iPhone.

1) iNoRotate

iNoRotate is a tweak that lets you completely or selectively turn off auto-rotation on iPhone. It’s a free application that is available on cydia. Once installed, you’ll find a new option named iNoRotate in Settings. To disable auto-rotation, you can simply switch the “Enable” option to ON to completely disable landscape mode for all apps. The tweak also offers additional option to let you disable applications selectively. For example, you want to keep the landscape mode enabled for Safari, simply toggle its associated switch to OFF. Please note for any change in the options, you’ll need to toggle the “Enable” switch to effectuate the change.

2) Rotation Inhibitor in SBSettings

Rotation Inhibitor is a plugin for SBSettings that also allows you to toggle the auto-rotation feature within any applications. For those who do not know about SBSettings. Checkout my post here about SBSettings. While using any applications, you can simply swipe the status bar to activate SBSettings. With rotation inhabilitor installed, just tap the inhibitor button to enable/disable auto-rotation.

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