Top iPhone Smartphone Device In Terms Of Return On Investment For Mobile Ad

Global - mobile advertising, iPhone OS, a leading company with an average eCPM (effective cost per thousand impressions), followed by $ 2.85, from Android devices in U.S. $ 2.10, according to an Opera Software.

These results in the state of mobile advertising, to the knowledge of the second quarter of 2012 and an overview of the mobile advertising platform globally serving over 9,000 customers with more than 35 billion impressions a month based on comparative ad and runs more than $ 240 million (U.S.) in revenue for mobile publishers in 2011. On these results based, suggesting that the units of the Opera with the convenience and functionality that enable greater interaction between the announcement of the device and the functionality of a better chance to win at least as simple the device to be used.
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Opera also found that the iPad 3CPM an average of U.S. $ 3.96 Opera Mobile platform for ads. This is another example of a point for the iPad includes user devices and to achieve significant acceptance of users to user groups who are most desirable to advertisers. For example, 40 percent of doctors have or are planning iPad tablet, or the position in late 2012, according to Nielsen's estimates.

iPhone application development can be seen as the best gadget itself. Your dream can true by the application on the phone when you actually Hire iphone Developers who understands the needs of the company. The study recommends that advertisers executions tablet a major part of its strategy for the following six months.

Rich media is a crucial difference in encouraging participation, the study found. So far, in the first half of 2012, Apple has shown a clear majority IOS rich media ad impressions correlate with increased eCPM. In addition, the index of operas rich media. 66 percent of users who click on a video that will complement the interaction with an average residence time of 52 seconds with imaging capabilities guarantees a retention time (1 min 25 Sec), and about half of consumers continue to communicate with clicks to place an ad. The U.S. and Canada generate most ad requests, with 73 percent the world total. U.S.eCPM is also the highest (U.S. $ 1.98), followed closely by Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Germany and France (1.94 dollars).

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