Celebration Of iPhone 5th Successful Year

It was five days ago, the iPhone hit the market in the United States now sees its major feature was during the revolution, not only destroyed the telephone industry, but the laptop and all. The iPhone was six months before its release at the Macworld Expo opening at the start to happen to one of the best products of course, when Steve Jobs introduced.

Unity is the first consumer product with a capacitive touch screen is not only "hold" and not to see in print, but the details and make room for the season wide range of movements, such as pinch, filter and clean. Research experience, including touch screen, was something no one ever thought could exist on your mobile device. It was not just a lame WAP browser, but the rendering engine size of the desktop option. To move, combined with a pinch-zoom, focus and push-to-magnetic gestures, Apple have opened the way for modern navigation, the mobile Internet.
iPhone Application Development

Apple also experiences the iTunes Music Store, iPod and iPhone, the iPod application of its own iTunes Music Store. The iPhone is not just a show of the new features of the world, who were present on other phones. Surgery is also a smart phone can be used, essentially, of course, is a hardware keyboard. At the same time, Nokia, Blackberry and Palm smart type are sold all over the square of the screen and hardware keyboards, Steve Jobs publicly ridiculed these devices, and said that the screen interface is a much better solution.

Apple's sales were so dependent on mobile devices has dropped "Computer", "Apple Computer, Inc." be just "Apple Inc."
The iPhone's revenues didn't come out of nowhere of course. Apple ate away revenues and market share from the Smart phone bigwigs back then, that included RIM, Palm and Nokia. The palm was bought by HP, Web OS abandoned, Nokia dumped Symbian, jumped the Microsoft ship, and RIM is currently in the middle of a grave battle of existence.

Further improve the performance and functionality; iPhone apps developers around the world have participated in the iPhone applications development . This is part of a growing lucrative, iPhone applications lead to many companies, large and small, who are trying their best to get the App Store. And if the money from selling applications is as easy and less time on large projects, why not time to think and not to throw the head.

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