Stream Video from Computer to iPhone & iPad Using AirView

The iOS device is more portable and I can watch video anywhere (in bed, sofa or even in washroom!). Odd is before watching the video on the device, you normally need to transfer the video from computer to iPad/iPhone via iTunes. This is quite troublesome. If you face a similar situation, you must try AirView. AirView is an app that turns any iOS devices (including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) into an AirPlay receiver, such that you can simply stream any videos from iTunes to the device by clicking a single button.

Stream Video From iTunes To iPad/iPhone

Simply launch AirView on iPhone. Play the video on iTunes, click the “Airplay” button and select your device (e.g. rdsbc’s iPhone). iTunes will automatically stream video to your device.

Stream Video Betwewn Two iPhones

You can also stream video between two iPhones (or other iOS devices). Just make sure both devices are on the same WiFi network. While you’re playing a video in iPod app (or in YouTube), tap the “AirPlay” button and select the other iPhone with AirView running. The video will be streamed and played on the other iPhone.

AirPlay, the audio and video streaming capability, is a new feature on iOS 4.2. So to use AirView your device should be running iOS 4.2 or up. A final caveat for AirView is that it only supports video streaming. You can’t stream photos or audio. Anyhow, the app works really great for video streaming and is worth grabbing. AirView is now available on AppStore For free. You can download it via direct iTunes link here.

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