iPhone 5 Rumor: Bigger Screen & Metal Back?

It is now being reported that a few Foxconn ninjas have with their own eyes seen a prototype iphone 5. They state the shape and style is the same as an iphone 4 but it has two key changes.
  • Bigger screen possibly 4 inch with no changes made to the design just less bezel on the iphone edges.
  • A metal back which makes sense as the very first iphone had a metal backing but then Apple started using plastic backing to improve network connection.

Do take note that if a metal back is used for future iphone’s it would not affect radio performance since Apple is using their new antennae technology. Our hunch on all this, the next generation iphone will have a new look with a bigger screen and aluminum/liquid metal back and you can’t forget about the spec updates such as more memory, faster processor.

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