Reasons Why Application Developers Prefer Android Over iPhone

If what you are planning for is to buy a new smartphone, you probably would like to go for either an Android phone or an Apple iPhone. Both the smart phones differ not only in looks but in features, apps, software's, hardware configurations and above all the operating system that powers them.

Android Application development allows developer to shape their ideas and turn them into real-time applications used by millions world wide. Apple provides a restricted environment whilst with Android one has all the freedom and flexibility one can ever image of. These and many other such differences is what makes Android the favorite mobile application development platform for App developers.

Freedom to Run An App of Your Choice

Apple exercises control over what you can do with your device. It prevents users from running anything that doesn't belong to Apple or its mega app store.

While with Android there is no such limitation. You can run an app of your choice, irrespective of whether it being a third party app or an app from the Google's Play store. It offers users the liberty to keep their smart devices equipped with apps that not only add utility but also simplify their lifestyle.

Freedom to Customize the Smart phone for Rich User Experience

Apple does not allow you to customize your iPhone within a certain range. With Android there is no bar. It allows apps to modify and replace parts of OS which is not possible on Apple devices.

Android shows compatibility with other keyboards like Swype providing users new methods for input of data. It even allows you to customize your phones home screen by installing one of the many third-party apps that are available in market.

Unlike iPhone, Android supports great many widgets, the most popular being the tasker that allows you to automate all your tasks.

Freedom of Choice

With Apple's you are left with limited choices in terms of screen size, color and shape. Apple does not share its proprietorship with anyone else. Apple iPhones are marvelous devices and usually carry a hefty price tag. You cannot expect to buy a cheap iPhone without any contract.

Looking for a low-cost phone? Android won't disappoint you. Android based phones are manufactured by popular companies like HTC, Samsung and such. The phones are available in a variety of colors, shapes, screen sizes and also phones based on different OS.

There are Android phones specifically designed for gaming, phones with 3D display, phones with stylus, one with keyboards and more.

To Conclude:

Android offers great many other benefits. Features like Google navigation, multitasking, custom launchers, custom ROMs and such. Both Android and Apple offer its users features and apps to make their life simple and easy going. Android OS is no terms full- proof, but the freedom, countless options and unmatched flexibility that comes with Android makes me go crazy like many others.

These are some of the few reasons that have tempted many app developers to pursue their career as an Android Application developer.

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