Android beat visibility of other smart phone in the market!

Today we know that every single day new mobile released in the market with eye catching and user friendly functionality. After launching successful mobile with its application in such platform like iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian and Android etc. These are the main platform in mobile industries and there is too much competition between them like moving train!

This chart clearly shows the competition between Android and iOs and RIM. This graph clearly describe that the sales of android smart phone is boomingly increase in the world. In whole world there are 80% of population now has to used mobile phone and in mobile industries there are 5 Billions of mobile phone but out of which 1.08 billions are smart phone in U.S.A there are 91.4 billions mobile phone as per world wide news It’s clear that today android is hot favorite and the use of android smart phone beat competitors in the mobile Inc. In diagram we can saw that the user of Android is grater then other mobile users and iphoe is also favorable in the world but not then android. Android is more demandable in world and the main reason of this fact is that it has user friendly applications. Today the trend of android application development is increase widely in the market due to its comprehensive demand.

Let’s See hot launching of Android
• 5 now available for Android Dolphin browser with HTML

• The world famous video site Vimeo now launches its new application for android 

 • Now you can easily find any mobile phone price, features, market trend and functionality on Android 

Android game development is affordable fo small mobile business organization because Google announce discount on premium android application 
• Amazing Spiderman game is available for Android on July 3 

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