Avoid Top Mistakes of iPhone Application Development

The launch of Apple iPhone 4 has changed the way world thinks about Smartphone. The open platform support, easy development, and diverse platform opportunities make the iPhone application development a versatile platform for intuitive and viral applications. However, a majority of the developers fails to understand some basic phenomenon about user-friendliness. This leads towards unsuccessful iPhone application development process that serves the purpose to neither business nor the developer. With a little caution, major problems of iPhone application development can be resolved.

iPhone Application Development

Most of the time, iPhone application development requirements can be fulfilled by the iOS SDK that has an expansive library for UI elements. However, some rare cases require a newly built novel UI object from the scratch. Therefore, the vast majority of elements, including buttons, sidebars, dialog, and tables can be easily generated by using the same UI from SDK or customizing them. iPhone application development process becomes complex and unreliable when every element is invented from the scratch. This not only increases the iPhone application development process time but also increases the risk for the application to crash, malfunction, or not give desired results. Therefore, it is better to use existing UI elements while using iPhone application development process.

Right Resolution

The process of iPhone application development offers eye-catching graphics. Some of the applications give stunning 2D and 3D animations for immense experience. However, setting the right resolution is very essential as the iPhone 4 retina display performs best with HD graphical content. Moreover, using large size elements in iPhone application development can also slow the app.. Therefore, a right combination of size and resolution must be maintained. It is always best to use the recent SDK and the app must be optimized for the latest iOS.

Right Animating

In the process of iPhone application development, right quantity of animation is also very essential. It is always good to have the balance between usability and view-ability. An iPhone application development process with under done animation would look simple, non-appealing and not very user friendly. While an application with over done animation can lead to application slowdowns and increased size. Therefore, deciding the right quantity of animation is very important and must not be overlooked during iPhone application development.


Many developers ignore the function of multitasking during iPhone application development process. To the user on iPhone 4, it is very important to know that how the app would respond when used in multitasking. If your iPhone application development is for the older version of iOS, you must revise and update the application to iOS4, which would enable the users to multitask in the application.
These iPhone application development mistakes might seem minor ones, yet developers often ignore them. Overcoming these minor iPhone application developer mistakes can greatly improve the application quality. Not all developers are aware of the mistakes they are making. If you want your iPhone application development process to be bug free then specialized developers are the right solution for you. Among those iPhone application developers, one of my preferred is Perception System that provides the best iPhone application development.

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