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The mobile phones have now evolved into pocket fit PCs just because they are empowered with the Android operating system. This operating system is offered jointly by the Open Handset Alliance and Google. This platform is Linux Kernel based and is of open source nature. It facilitates development of user friendly and effective applications especially for the smart phones without any trouble. The investment is comparatively very less and assures high return on investment. It is because of this the medium and small businesses, that offer mobile phone application development services, can offer their services to prospective application owners at affordable rates.

Why opt for Android application development?

Some of the main reasons for the increase in number of the Android application developers are as follows

It is an open source platform. This facilitates the developer with a privilege to get ahead of other developers. It is getting more inputs because the developer's community is feeding it with latest technical advancement. This ensures that the platform is void of bugs and less susceptible to failure.

Performance stability is enhanced because it is based on Linux Kernel. It is because of this that the operating system is smooth and the chances of crashing are nullified.

In case of Android application development, the porting of the application becomes hassle free. It is the responsibility of the developer to be adept at using this application for custom layout and make the best of the application project.

This source being open, the investment is comparatively low. There is considerable reduction in the time duration for completing the project. Thus this saves time and money.

The increase in the demand of Android application has led to increase in number of companies that provide Android application development services. The competition among    these service providers has increased dramatically. Comparison of quotes and services offered in packages can facilitate the application owner to negotiate with the service provider. Moreover there is no need to employ a person especially dedicated to develop this application. The service provider can be paid on hourly basis or project basis, subject to the budget of the application owner. Thus this allows optimum use of resources at hand.

Technical aspects of Android application development

The process of developing useful Android applications includes java programming. The third party applications can also be incorporated into the Android application with the help of the Android and Java open source framework. To receive and send data on different platforms Android uses CDMA, GSM, Wi-Fi, EDGE, EV-DO, Bluetooth and UMTS. It permits 3D as well as 2D graphics. It incorporates H.263, AMR, MP3, JPG, GIF, WAV, MPEG4, H.264, AMR-WB, AAC, BMP, PNG, audio and video files, and MIDI image format. Features like GPS, accelerometer, Video camera, touch screens, and magnetometer are also included. One can use P2P and IPC message passing for Google Talk. One can also store date with the help of SQLite.

The easy framework of Android facilitates the professional Android application developer to design usable and innovative Android application development

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  1. Android operating system is an free and because of this it is very much possible that the program designed may be just like that of others. A effective Android operating system program needs to be customized to be exclusive. For a exclusive Android operating system program designed one needs to do the hiring of an experienced and officially android application development service provider.

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