Topple For iPhone is Now Free To Download

Originally sold at App Store for USD$0.99 with the latest 1.8.2 version. Its developed by Ngmoco Inc. is now freely for download to celebrate the holiday season.

Topple comes with beautiful visuals and attracting cartoon characters. Your mission is to stack and balance a family of mischievous and dysfunctional shapes up to a certain height within a time limit. The funny part of the game is the shapes are in different forms. Some are easy to handle and stack such as square. As you progress to higher level, however, you’ll see shape like eggs and other dysfunctional shapes that are not so easy to stack and balance.

With the multi-touch feature of iPhone, Topple lets you rotate the shape to rearrange the direction, just like what Tetris does. Just hold one finger on the shape and drag another finger on screen in clockwise or anti-clockwise direction to rotate the block.

To balance the tower, the game also make good use of the built-in accelerometer. When the tower leans towards one direction, you can tilt the screen to stabilize the teetering block.

The game is very well polished with cute graphics and animation, as well as sound effect. You can easily find from the expression of the animated block whether they are well balanced. It goes far beyond my expectation for a free game.

You can download here for free with limited-time period via iTunes link here.

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